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I’m looking for

People who are inspired by an idea, implement this idea in some way and bring something new into the world. I would like to make a short video portrait of your inspiration with you. Please just contact me if you want more information or maybe even want to consider such a film project. I would be happy to develop the idea for a project together with you.

I like:

Must less, more allowed Travel | Make films | Political thriller | Jazz & Classical | Philosophy | Photography | Literature | Media Education | Hiking | All kinds of films old and new cameras | Art & Architecture Judo | Interesting people and projects

My heart is with documentaries. The ability to „jump“ into other people’s lives and tell amazing stories firsthand is the essence of my work.

My professional background

Retired Teacher & Headmaster | Doctorate in social sciences – University of Tübingen | Graduated from the German College of Journalists in Berlin